A Series of Hotel Rooms

I call it mine but it isnít:

I paid for it, little whore. Is home where I return or where Iím headed? Youíve called it yours; she calls it hers, he his. Say: She was there, she was there, she was there. No you canít come in. Tell me where you were last night. Just checking in for awhile.

I call it home but it isnít:

Iím rougher with it, dirtier. Is it right now or closer to always? Me mine, and the sum of this; I add my own juices, my breath. Say: I was there, I was there, I was there. I love you now but I wonít tomorrow Ė by then Iíll scarcely remember you. Tell me where you were last night, damn it.

Just checking out for awhile.



That was the greatest room they ever stayed in. They partied like hell there, he puked all over it. And heís sorry about that now, because he can barely remember what it was like.


They were fighting like cats and dogs back then, so she spent the whole evening trying to seduce him Ė what she wore, how she moved, all designed to make him love her again. They fought like cats and dogs. She should have known it was already too late.


Whoa, youíre not asking for money again now are you? So tell me what will it buy me? Will it buy me a friend, will you be my little friend? Will it buy me respect? Do you respect me?

How long until I never hear from you again?


He stayed some extra days just to come but shit heís tired. Heís worn as hell and in the debate between rest or adventure adventure doesnít win. So he lies around all day and doses and flips channels and even orders room service rather than going out.

Some might consider this a wasted opportunity but he doesnít because even eating in and lying around he knows where heís at.


It is such a comfort this one after the pretension of Vegas proper. God she hates that fucking place.


Leave the maid a couple of dollars so you can feel good about her cleaning your spit and dirty toilet. Leave the maid a couple of bucks because to her itís something, and to you itís nothing at all. You can feel good knowing that for someone like her kindness is just the absence of cruelty. You can feel good knowing you were kind.


Having a great time! Wish you were here!